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Pescados Bereciartua

Pescados Bereciartua SL started into the business more tan 40 years ago with the commitment of working the best quality fish in the market.

We work all kind of fresh fish species, being specialized in local fish markets. However, we import fish from the best fishing markets in the world, offering all kinds of fresh products, caught with different fishing methods.

Selection y Logistic

Nuestros trabajadores seleccionan cada mañana el mejor pescado de cada lonja para asegurar que contamos con género de máxima calidad para transportarlo a nuestra sede central, en donde se organiza todo el pescado.

Preparation and Packaging

Once we receive the fish directly from the market, we begin to pack and prepare it based on the client’s requirements, carrying out different elaborations and packaging processes.


Finally, we distribute the orders with the objective of serving all our clients despite their location. We always attend to the demands of packaging and labeling required in the market.

Sustainable Seafood Certificate

Pescados Bereciartua actively participates with the MSC certification program, which offers fisheries an independent way to confirm the sustainability of their fish management. Fort he customers, it is a way to make sure that fish comes from a well-managed and sustainable resource. Seafood products that come from MSC fisheries and reach out the standards, are properly labeled so they can be recognized with their real value, fish coming from a certified sustainable resource. In this way, the MSC eco-label makes it easier for consumers to opt in for the best environmental choice when buying seafood. More and more fisheries are using management and good practices as a tool to safeguard employment and secure fish stocks for the future, thus protecting the marine environment.

Activity Centers

Over time, we have been expanding and improving our facilities to offer an integral and customer-focused service.

Polígono Talaia - Oiartzun

Our headquarters and where the real activity happens. We started in Poligono Talaia in 1998, increasing our capacity and maintaining the existing activity in Merka Oiartzun, located next to us. This commitment for the future has allowed us to continue our strategy based on the quality of our products and excellent service. This is how we continue growing and expanding horizons.

Merka Oiartzun

Es nuestro centro operativo. Comenzamos en el Polígono Talaia hace más de 15 años, aumentando nuestra capacidad productiva y manteniendo la actividad existente en el Merka Oiartzun, ubicado en las proximidades. Esta apuesta de futuro, nos ha permitido continuar con nuestra estrategia basada en la calidad de nuestros productos y un excelente servicio. Es así, como hemos podido seguir creciendo hasta el punto de afianzarnos como una de las mayores empresas del sector.

Mareyeurs Basques - San Juan de Luz

Our affiliate in France. We maintain a close relationship, which allows us a great presence in the French market.

Customer Support

Si tienes alguna pregunta o sugerencia, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros rellenando el formulario o por cualquiera de los métodos que aparecen en la página y te responderemos a la mayor brevedad posible.

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